Thomas Körtvélyessy

Thomas Körtvélyessy - Schouwburgplein,
Rotterdam, Netherlands, July 2008 during the production of C - Rotterdam, NL 2008
photo by Konrad Szymanski

Thomas Körtvélyessy, MA, MCKA
Kinetic Awareness International Exchange Program

choreographer, dancer, teacher, cultural thinker, advisor - living and working in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Under the name Reàl Dance Company he has created and performed an ongoing body of solo and group- works in Rotterdam, other cities in the Netherlands, and abroad, incl. New York City, since 1996.
The performances often happened in public space and in an interdisciplinary context with visual or media-artists. They have been supported by grants from the Rotterdam Arts Council, the Municipality of the Borough of Delfshaven, the Fleur Groenendijk Foundation, and the Kinetic Awareness® Center. He is also a regular contributor to Elaine Summers' ongoing worldwide web-project


From his study of Kinetic Awareness® Thomas originated a number of practices:

available tension started as a performance-series in 2003. It is based on the 4th phase of KA® (tension-levels) and has grown into a syllabus that bridges  several generations of so-called 'Western-theaterdance' towards a new potential.

· con·sens·us explores the 5th phase of KA® (interaction with others) and started in 2002, also as a performance-series, together with Eva Tremel.
It researches and experiments with sensory-based agreement in dance and daily life.

Together with the inspiration of Elaine Summers' Invitation to Secret Dancers this practice has lead to the Dutch version called uitnodiging aan stiekeme dansers and community-dance project Delfshaven Dans! and but also walking con·sens·us with an adaptation for skytime

· The overall resulting state can be referred to as sensitive energy

All of these practices include lots of improvisation, methods and exercises from other body-work and disciplines, and can be done by anyone on their own level. The goal is always kinesthetic empowerment, for the practitioner but also for those who the witness.

Since 2007 Thomas is the first Certified Master Teacher of Kinetic Awareness® (MCKA) in the Netherlands.
He has taught pioneering classes in Hungary, Ukraine, Turkey, and South Korea. He is also affiliated with ArtEZ School of Dance, Arnhem, where he made his MA in choreography in 2002.

The Dutch website of Kinetic Awareness® can be found here.


Thomas has conducted longtime research about Elaine Summers since working with her in 1993 and has written several times about her work, including a first article about Elaine Summers on Wikipedia and the first Wikipedia-entry on KA®

Since 1995 he is an editor and collaborator on the forthcoming Elaine Summers Dance Score Book.

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writing related to Kinetic Awareness®

Thomas Körtvélyessy has written two papers on Elaine Summers and her work:
- "committed to body, choice & intermedia: Elaine Summers" 
- "geheel in beweging komen (completely coming into movement)"
   the first publication about Kinetic Awareness® for dance-teachers in Dutch
  (both published at Rotterdamse Dansacademie /codarts, 1994-1996)

available online:

- 40+ Years of dance, intermedia, and empowerment -The magic of Hidden Forest And The Elaine
  Summers Dance Score Book (pdf)
  published in "Dance Research in the Netherlands, Vol. 5" Dutch Society for Dance Research
  (VDO), Amsterdam 2008
- Dancing light - Visual Projection in the work of Elaine Summers (pdf)

  published in "Dance Research in the Netherlands, Vol. 6" Dutch Society for Dance Research
  (VDO), Amsterdam 2010

blog entry about teaching Kinetic Awareness® at National University of Arts (KNUA) Seoul, South Korea
- report including the first class of Kinetic Awareness® in Ukraine taught at Yuzhny Art School, as part of a
  visit to Odessa, Ukraine. The project was made possible with a travel grant from STEP BEYOND / 
  European Cultural Foundation (ECF)  A more detailed version can be read
here (pdf)