Meg Chang


Meg Chang, Ed.D, ADTR, MCKA

As a long-time student and teacher of Kinetic Awareness®, I have found KA to be a constantly surprising way to experience my BodyMind. Combined with dance-movement therapy, KA is the best technique for accessing body-based information and promoting psychophysical communication. This "conversation," as founder Elaine Summers calls it, becomes a way to promote healing at all levels.

In addition to my involvement with KA®, I am a registered dance-movement therapist and currently the American Dance Therapy Association Treasurer. I have worked in psychiatric facilities, medical and wellness settings, and private practice since 1979.

I have taught in several graduate dance therapy programs including Antioch College, Pratt Institute, and Lesley College where I was the program coordinator from 1993-1996.

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- new course beginning June 2008:

Intercultural Issues in Dance/Movement Therapy
at The New School, New York City
7 session(s). Fri., 2:00 PM-5:50 PM,
beg. June 6. $560.00

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course number: NCAT3551)

Includes 2 required field trips, June 20 & July 11.

We examine how race, culture, and ethnicity affect our work as creative arts therapists. In the multicultural environment of the United States, we continually confront such differences in clinical settings. How can we, as mental health professionals, become more culturally skilled in negotiating daily interactions and gain insight into social, emotional, and political realities?

Action in the form of experiential dance/movement therapy exercises, discussion of intercultural theory, and dialogue ground the learning. Working both individually and as a group, we use each other and ourselves as resources in creating a dynamic community of inquiry and learning. (3 credits)