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Classes include
: experiential anatomy, the ball work, listening to the language of the body,
injury prevention, centering and balancing, keeping your body healthy, flexible and strong
through understanding the natural movement of all our systems.

New York State:

Robert Chuckrow MCKA
click here for more teacher-information on his website

is teaching Ch′i-Kung & T′ai-Chi (Cheng Man-ch′ing′s short form)
which is informed by his ongoing research and practice of Kinetic Awareness®

Click here for more information on his website
Advanced classes are available with permission.
Private classes are available.

Email Robert Chuckrow for additional information:

The Netherlands:

Thomas Körtvélyessy
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planned for January 2016 -
10-class introductory course Kinetic Awareness®
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

If you are interested in this series, please send an e-mail to